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101 Of A Dental Assistant!

Class photo of student at Northshore Dental Assisting Academy

If we’re not messy… Did we really pour study models? Classic look of learning how to pour a perfect study model 🙂 Trust me, it takes a lot of patients and hard work to make them look good! Being coachable and jumping in and learning hands on is what a dental assistant is all about. Our best dental assitants aren’t the ones with the 100% paper test grade, it’s the ones who are coachable, hands on and who are willing to fail a few times. Being a dental assistant isn’t easy! Actually, its more like a juggling act. We are the “go to” people in the office. We work hard and have fun all at the same time. Dentistry is a very rewarding carrer. Opportunity is endless…

Let’s see where you go with it?