Here Is What You Can Expect To Learn In Our 16 Weeks, Twice A Week, For A Total Of 32 Classes At Our Dental Assisting Program

We are a state-of-the-art dental assisting training center with a small class size (a maximum of 12 students per class) that provides you with a low student-to-instructor ratio and ensures a quality dental assistant education.

Dental Assisting School Days and Hours

Each course runs for 32 consecutive Fridays and Saturdays and is divided into two parts: classroom lecture and hands on training. In the case of a national holiday or class cancellation due to unexpected weather conditions, the course will be extended to make up the missed material.

Assignments, Exams and Grading

The course includes weekly quizzes, assignments, and a final exam. The assignments and weekly quizzes account for 50% of the student's grade, and the final exam accounts for the remaining 50%. Students must achieve a cumulative grade of 85% to pass the course and receive their Certificate of Achievement in Dental Assisting. If a student fails to achieve 85%, he or she may re-register for a subsequent session (provided space is available), and submit payment for any particular class needed to graduate. Payment of $1,350.00 must be submitted at the time of re-registration.

Photo of student learning at Northshore Dental Academy

Students Will Be Instructed In:

  • Work as a team with four-handed dental assisting
  • Prepare procedure rooms
  • Prepare procedure trays
  • Impressions, pour-up, and trim
  • Rubber dam placement
  • Dental radiography
  • Digital X-Ray - Dexis (the most sought after digital X-ray's system. We will continue to teach conventional X-ray's also, and will continue until over 50% of dental offices change to a digital system)
  • Temporary crown fabrication
  • Dental terminology and anatomy
  • Dentrix (back office applications as well as some front office applications)
  • CPR/first-aid certification, AIDS training and WISHA certification (all certified by Harris Biomedical)

A Certificate of Achievement is issued upon satisfactory completion of all coursework.


Enrollment in our dental assisting academy is open to any person with a high school diploma or a GED certificate. Applicants are asked to consider their skills, relevant aptitudes, health history, comprehension of the English language, and any physiological factors such as vision and manual dexterity to determine their ability to benefit from this dental assistant program.

Enrollment is open up to a week before the beginning of each session. A precourse interview is required to ensure that each student is qualified to successfully handle the curriculum. High school seniors may take this course while attending school as long as a letter is submitted from a guidance counselor stating that the student is on track to graduate with his or her class.

Records and Transcripts

To request a record of a student transcript, please send a letter by mail stating which session you attended, and we will mail you a hard copy of the transcript. Student records are archived for 50 years. Student grades are logged by hand and archived by hard copy in the Northshore offices, and backed up digitally.

2022 Dental Vocational Center
Class Schedule

Winter/Spring 2022

COMBINED FRIDAY & SATURDAY SESSION  -  Friday, January 28th - Saturday, May 14th
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM


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Photo of student learning at Northshore Dental Academy
Photo of tools at Northshore Dental Academy
Photo of student learning at Northshore Dental Academy
Photo of student learning at Northshore Dental Academy