Dental assistants are pretty creative people, and Halloween brings a reason for some to go all out in costume planning. This year, some dental teams will celebrate by wearing their costumes to work. Outside of work, some dental assistants celebrated Halloween by stocking up on candy to share with trick-or-treaters. (It’ll look a lot different this year due to Covid-19) We know that dental assistants understand too much sugar can lead to cavities, but on Halloween, candy is tough to resist! With this in mind, a lot of dental offices will trade candy for other prizes. Even if you find yourself at a small gathering, you probably will still end up walking away with candy… Call your local Pediatrics dental office and or your own general dental office, and ask if they will do a trade? But, even if you decide to eat a piece or two, always remember, brush and floss your teeth after eating it!

Working as a dental assistant is not only a fulfilling career but a fun one, too.  If you’d like to learn more about our upcoming enrollment, please contact us.

And have a Happy Halloween!